Sauflon Pharmaceuticals Ltd (“Sauflon”)

Bond Capital Partners (“BCP”) provided Sauflon with £6m of development finance in 2007 by way of a convertible loan.  The funds were used by Sauflon to establish a manufacturing operation in Budapest, Hungary.  The business performed ahead of expectation, and by 2013 had repaid in full the £6m debt facility that BCP had provided.  Sauflon was successfully sold in 2014 to The Cooper Companies


The Ennovy Group

The Ennovy opportunity began in 2018 as a significant turnaround of a manufacturer and designer of

premium bespoke contact lenses.  It differentiates itself from mass-market products by offering a much greater range of parameters (such as ‘cylinders’ and ‘axes’) which are important for patients with astigmatism.  Its portfolio of lenses also includes those specially developed to control myopia.

In 2022, this investment was sold to a strategic buyer. 


Mr & Mrs Smith

Mr & Mrs Smith operates in the high-growth premium travel sector.  It offers a professionally curated collection of hand-picked hotels, villas and experiences to members around the world.  All of the 1,100 boutique and luxury hotels in its collection have been anonymously reviewed.



Trint uses artificial intelligence to power its web-based automated transcription platform.  Uploaded audio and video files are transcribed using automated speech recognition. The proprietary text Trint Editor is also an audio-video player.  Trint generates its revenues by selling subscriptions for use of its software.  The company has successfully widened its user base from individual subscribers to global media companies.