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Welcome to Bond Capital Partners

Bond Capital Partners is an independent adviser specializing in the provision of equity and debt funding for small and medium-sized businesses (“SME”) in the UK and Europe.

Achieve your business ambitions

Our focus is the provision of finance for companies with enterprise values of
£5–25 million. We work with strong management teams to achieve their business ambitions, primarily in the areas of growth capital, acquisition finance and management buy-outs.

Bond Capital Partners provides finance through special purpose vehicles funded by a number of family office and high net worth individuals for whom we have historically generated substantial returns.

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Our investment philosophy:

  • To work in partnership with each one of our management teams by adding value through our extensive commercial, legal and financial expertise
  • To ensure that each business has the most appropriate financial structure, deliverable strategy and key personnel to achieve its goals

As a team, we bring more than 150 years combined investment experience.

Structured Finance

Bond Capital Partners provides innovative finance for growing mid-market businesses.  Historically, it has served SMEs in the provision of late stage growth capital to businesses that are capable of a realisation event (IPO, trade sale, recap) within a pre-agreed timetable, typically within 60 months.

Late stage growth capital is provided to companies that require a final round of financing ahead of an IPO/ trade sale or recapitalization.

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"Late stage" for SMEs

Why work with BCP?

  • flexible approach with realistic investment cycle
  • team is experienced in operating mid-market businesses and can provide genuine value to investee companies through advice on strategy and implementation plans
  • avoid late stage equity dilution through sub-debt financing
  • available when senior debt may not be

Our approach: 

  • flexible and understanding of specific needs of each deal driven by the partners operating and investing experience
  • tight due diligence focused on legal, operations, financials and credit risk
  • tight monitoring of investments and realisation milestones
  • typically Board observer status on portfolio companies and/or full information rights
  • to assist companies in path to IPO/trade sale

The deals we do:

  • typically sub-debt (paying a current yield) with warrant coverage
  • deal size £5-25m
  • strong credit characteristics
  • work with experienced management teams
  • work with companies that have strong cash flows/growth prospects
  • likely realisation event (IPO, trade sale, recap) within realistic timescale when debt repaid can be repaid and warrants exercised
  • industry sector focus on tech, media & services
  • geographical sector focus on UK and Western Europe